1. Chase the Moon

From the recording SHUT UP!

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Chase the Moon

There’s a darkness in the valley,
And the shadows have taken hold.
There’s a house alone and empty,
I leave behind.
I leave behind.

It’s a long lonely road,
And it’s dark and the wind is cold,
And the moon is hanging low.
So far to go.
So far to go.

It's a cold white light that guides me.
I follow through the night.
With no strength left to fight.
Creeping in the corners.
Hiding in the shadows by day.
Waiting for the nighttime,
To come and take me away.

And the night is getting longer.
I'm so tired down in my bones.
And I feel so terribly low.
Leading me to ruin,
I chase the moon.
I chase the moon.

The night is gone and the sun is rising,
And the sky is pale and blue,
And I feel my fever cooling.
I’m going home.

I’m going home.
Put me down in a plain pine box.
Put me down in the soft cool earth.
Where I’ll lay forever knowing,
I chase the moon.
I chase the moon.