Shut Up!  (Stoopid Brute Records)

Another daft name for a band, this time comprising Rick Fink on lead vocals, Crusher Carmean on bass, Oscar Rodriguez on guitar and Eddie Everett on drums.  
There’s is an interesting sound, as at heart they’re a jump blues band. But one that has a lot of aggression to it, and a rough and ready approach, which might put some people off.  But there is a vim and vigor which wins you over on tunes like ‘Party on the Second Floor’ and ‘The Things That Swings’.  
It’s a mix of jump blues, rock and roll, and even a pop punk edge, which I would imagine rocks the house when they take to the stage.  But even from the comfort of my rocking chair, they managed to raise a smile.  

The Rocker - JANUARY 12, 2016